Yep, we’ve got a new band saw in town! Introducing our 11” Semi-Auto, Mitering Dual-Post Band Saw (Model 9684479). It’s got all the components you’re looking for in a durable, high-performance machine. This saw features high-capacity blade control, strong band guides, and blade tensioning, to name a few. Read on to learn more about our new beast.

Manufactured For You

When designing and manufacturing new machines, we keep your needs at the forefront to provide the best possible product. This new saw is made from welded and painted sheet steel to give you the sturdy frame you deserve. Quality material makes a difference which is why the band support bow is constructed out of cast iron. This gives you the necessary stiffness and precision for all your cutting applications.

Also included in this saw is a hydraulic clamping vise which, as the name implies, hydraulically opens and closes. The closing pressure can be changed to reduce part deformation when working with pipe or soft materials. It’s made of cast iron which clamps your materials securely to ensure a perfect cut.

Blade tensioning is done by manual rotation of the handwheel and is guaranteed by the electromechanical switch. This switch also prevents the band from advancing to insufficient tension and allows ideal operating conditions to be restored instantly.

Features You’ll Love

At Palmgren, we strive to provide unique features in our products, and this band saw has a lot you’ll love. The overall dimensions of this band saw are 70.87 in x 62.99 in x 76.77 in, and it has a cutting thickness of .04 in and a cutting range of 60º.

The high-capacity blade control is done by a two-speed motor and reducer with gears in an oil bath. You’ll also like the strong band guides with tight stress raiser bearings and adjustable carbide tips, along with the vertical rotation on the bolt with adjustable bearings.

No saw would be complete without an automatic height return, so we’ve included it on our new saw. After your cut is complete, the blade stops, and the head returns to the user’s set head height to reduce empty cutting time. Your work speed will increase without wasting time on readjusting the saw.

Also included with this band saw is a blade cleaning device with a brush, an adjustable stop for cuts of the same size, and a pedestal on the rear tray for chip collection.

How It Runs

Once you press start, your machine will perform the following operations during the cutting cycle:

  1. Vise closing and activation of band motor
  2. Cutting bow downstroke
  3. Band motor stop and return of bow to initial position
  4. Vise opening

Learn More

This might be the saw for you, so head over to to add this to your shop. In addition to our band saws, Palmgren sells a complete line of machinery such as mills, lathes, vises, and more.

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