Palmgren’s® Belt and Disc Grinders / Sanders: The 2 in 1 Machines

Palmgren’s® Belt and Disc Grinders / Sanders: The 2 in 1 Machines

At Palmgren, we know the value a quality combination machine can provide. That’s why we offer 5 different belt and disc products. Our lineup of industrial machines includes the following models:

2” x 42” Belt / 6” Disc – Combo Belt and Disc Finishing Machine – Model 9681061

2” x 72” Belt / 12” Disc – Variable Speed Combo Belt and Disc Finishing Machine – Model 9681104

6” x 48” Belt / 9” Disc – Combo Belt and Disc Finishing Machine – Model 9681093

6” x 48” Belt / 10” Disc – Combo Belt and Disc Finishing Machine – Model 9681109

6” x 48” Belt / 14” Disc – Combo Belt and Disc Finishing Machine – Model 9681108


Belting Out Finished Pieces Quickly

The belt side of our machines have many useful features to help you get the job done. The belt head can be positioned at any angle in between horizontal and vertical. When the belt head is in the horizontal position, the upper guard can be removed, and you can do contour finishing on the drive drum.


Belting Out Finished Pieces Quickly 

The belt section also comes with its own cast iron tilting worktable while the 2” x 6” has an aluminum tilting worktable. The table can be tilted up to 45 degrees outward and 20 degrees inward making angled and odd shaped parts finishing simple and easy.


A miter slot in the table, running parallel to the surface of the belt, allows you to use a standard miter gauge for precise finishing of miters. The workpiece is held against the face of the miter gauge, and the gauge is slid past the belt. Tilt the worktable and use the miter gauge to easily create compound angles.


Take a Spin on the Disc Side

Palmgren currently offers 5 disc sizes on our models: 6”, 9”, 10”, 12”, and 14”. Disc rotations on all models is counterclockwise. The disc platen is balanced and attached directly to the motor shaft for smooth vibration free operation.  You can finish larger workpieces by using a disc instead of a belt. And just like the belt side, there is a worktable on the disc side that is designed to tilt up to 45 degrees out and 20 degrees in.

The 10”, 12” and 14” disc machines feature a cast iron worktable and the 6” and 9” machines utilize a cast aluminum table. These worktables also feature miter gauge slots for easier finishing of square or miter angles.

The Palmgren Difference

All Palmgren belt and disc machines are direct drive. By designing the machines with direct drive, the finishing belt is attached “directly” to the motor making it difficult to stall. A sanding belt on a drive belt machine is much easier to stall or slow down because the drive belt can slip.

Palmgren’s 6” belt and disc machines feature stronger motors with increased horsepower. The extra power provides more torque letting you apply more pressure on the disc or belt. Applying pressure won’t slow down or stall the machine.

The Best Just Got Even Better

Palmgren recently decided to update and improve Models 9681109 – 6”x 48”x10” and 9681104 – 6” x72”x 12” Combination Belt and Disc Machines. Our goal? Improve the performance and add even more value to these popular machines – all without increasing the overall price. We focused on improving two key areas: the belt and the dust collection system.

To increase the belt life, Palmgren made a few changes – the first being a direct drive powertrain. With the drive drum connected directly to the motor shaft over 97% of the available motor torque is transferred to the drive wheel and abrasive belt.

Next, we applied a graphite back up pad to the abrasive belt platen. The belt travels over the platen.  This lubricates the back of the belt and reduces the drag. With the increased power and graphite pad, the belt doesn’t have to work as hard, and the operator does not have to apply the as much force to the workpiece. Additional changes included a new advanced tracking system and an improved, faster belt change system.

After talking with end-users, we confirmed dust collection is a very important feature. The original industry standard design was difficult to keep clear and obstruction free. Based on the survey from end-users, the majority of respondents preferred a single port system.

We’ve upgraded our models and now all new Palmgren’s 6” disc / belt machines operate off a single 4” port. In addition, we’ve also increased the size of the belt / disc dust collection cannister into one collection point.

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In addition to these great combination belt and disc machines, Palmgren sells a complete line of machinery such as mills, saws, lathes and more. To learn more about our belt and disc machines and other products, head on over to our site at

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