No one wants to waste money on the wrong saw. Cold saws and band saws each have their pros and cons, and choosing the right machine can increase your productivity, cut quality, and capacity. So how do you know what best fits your operation? Read on to learn about the features of cold saws so you can pick the best one for you.

The Fast and Accurate Saw

There are some differences between a cold saw and a band saw, the main one being a smooth finish. Cold sawing takes advantage of milling spindle RPMs that deliver improved workpiece quality with accurate, square workpiece ends with a smooth, burr-free finish. This is accomplished by using a double clamping vise design that clamps the workpiece on both sides of the blade. These saws maintain a .004” length tolerance and combined squareness and parallelism within .001” of material height. This eliminates the need for secondary finishing and deburring.

Additionally, cold saws can cut materials like solids, tubing, angles, flats, hot and cold rolled steel, annealed tool steels, stainless, aluminum, brass, copper, synthetics, and extrusions. Circular cold sawing generates faster cutoff times through higher feed pressures from the blade rigidity. Pure metal removal capability on a cold saw with a standard high-speed steel blade is 40 square inches per minute versus a band saw with a Bi-metal high-speed blade of 16 square inches per minute. Another great feature is reduced tool costs. You can resharpen the high-speed steel blades down to the working diameter until the blade can no longer break through the material being cut.

Advantages of a Cold Saw

Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages of using a cold saw:

  • Faster cutting times
  • Quicker change over
  • Faster blade changes
  • Milled surface finish
  • Higher accuracy
  • Burr free
  • Simplicity
  • Lower tool costs

What We Offer

Palmgren offers a range of saws to suit your specific applications and needs. Our lineup of cold saws includes CNC carbide circular saws, a 9-inch saw, a 14-inch floor model saw, a 14.5-inch vertical column saw, a semi-automatic column saw, a 14.5-inch fully automatic saw, and a 14.5-inch CNC vertical column saw.

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